SCHN 2017 Proxy Statement

Compensation Plan Information The following table provides information as of August 31, 2017 regarding equity compensation plans approved and not approved by the Company’s shareholders. Plan category (a) Number of Securities to be Issued (2) (b) Number of Securities Remaining Available for Future Issuance Under Equity Compensation Plans (Excluding Securities Reflected in Column (a)) Equity compensation plans approved by shareholders (1) 2,195,531 4,333,137 Equity compensation plans not approved by shareholders — — Total 2,195,531 4,333,137 (1) Consists entirely of shares of Class A common stock authorized for issuance under the Company’s SIP. (2) Consists of 813,266 shares subject to outstanding RSUs, 297,098 shares subject to outstanding DSUs or credited to stock accounts under the Deferred Compensation Plan for Non-Employee Directors, and 1,085,167 shares representing the maximum number of shares that could be issued under outstanding LTIP performance share awards. Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders and 2017 Proxy Statement | 61