2020 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

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Investor Materials and Voting

Annual Meeting Details

MetaBank Corporate
Services Building
5501 South Boardband Lane
Sioux Falls, SD 57108

Tuesday 25th
of February 2020

9:00 AM Central Time

About Meta Financial Group, Inc.®

Meta Financial Group, Inc.® (Nasdaq: CASH) is the holding company for the financial services company MetaBank® (“Meta”). Meta is a leader in providing innovative financial solutions to consumers and businesses in under-served niche markets, and believes in financial inclusion for all. Meta’s commercial lending division works with high-value niche industries, rapid-growth companies and technology adopters to grow their businesses and build more profitable customer relationships. Meta is one of the largest issuers of prepaid cards in the U.S., having issued more than a billion cards in partnership with banks, program managers, payments providers and other businesses, and offers a total payments services solution that includes ACH origination, wire transfers, and more. Meta has a national presence and over 1,000 employees, with corporate headquarters in Sioux Falls, S.D.

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