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Annual Meeting


June 3, 2022


10:00 AM ET


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June 1, 2022 
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About Us

Creating Novel Therapies for Cancer and Other Serious Diseases

Molecular Templates is developing novel therapies in oncology and other serious diseases through its proprietary biologic engineered toxin body (ETB) drug platform. ETBs are targeted, can induce their own internalization, and can destroy cells through novel mechanisms of action.

Technology That Sets Us Apart

Our ETBs:

  • Offer a new modality against clinically established targets;
  • Force internalization of poorly or non-internalizing target receptors;
  • Possess a potent and novel mechanism of action to destroy cells;
  • Deliver payloads including antigen seeding technology; and
  • Employ a proprietary de-immunized toxin scaffold to reduce adaptive and innate response.